Customize Your MyRSU Password

For students: your password will be used to access MyRSU and eLearning. This does not change your RSU email password, which must be managed independently of MyRSU.

For faculty and staff: Changing your MyRSU will also change your password for network access (computer log-in) and your email. It will not change passwords for faculty or staff who have student accounts to access classroom computers on the student domain.

NOTE: Before beginning the change password process, users must first provide: 1) an alternate email address, and 2) establish two security questions/responses. These security features will allow users 24/7 access to update or reset access to your MyRSU account.


  1. Log in to MyRSU using your RSU user name and current password. (For first-time users, this will be the password assigned when your RSU account was activated.)
  2. Complete the information for Alternate Email and Challenge Questions/Answers.
    1. An alternate email address. This can be any email address other than your RSU- email address, which includes emails that end in “” or “”.
    2. Identify and answer two (2) security questions. The questions will be used whenever a user requests to reset a password in the future. Responses to security questions will not be case sensitive.
  3. Press “Continue”
  4. Accept the terms and conditions for network usage
  5. Enter current password for MyRSU. (For first-time users, this will be the password first assigned to you by ACS Helpdesk.)
  6. Enter new password and select “Continue”