Haunting on the Hill

Scary Hunter emoji with eyeball hanging out. Haunting on the Hill. RSU CAT Annual Haunted House. Fri Oct 30. 8-11 pm. Prep Hall

October 30 | 8-11 pm | Prep Hall

Goblins, Ghosts and Ghouls, oh my! The Campus Activities Team is hosting the annual Haunting on the Hill event. All RSU students, faculty and staff are welcome to join in for some spooky fun! See you there!

Human Trafficking

human trafficking

November 4 | 2:30 pm

Human Trafficking –The topic and associated anti-trafficking movement can often can be very confusing, especially in this day and time where so many different definitions exist and the statistics of those being trafficked seem outrageous.  Join Danielle Sisk, international consultant and speaker, as she dives into what defines trafficking, what is it, where it exists, how to combat trafficking, and what you need to know in your day to day life to help make a difference. Join us on Facebook Live.

Nov. 3 is election day!

We hope you take time to exercise your civic right to vote at the polls. Listen to statements from our students about why they are making sure their voices are heard. Do your research, stand up for what you believe in, and make time to vote. We encourage you to do your part to make a positive impact for the next generation. Listen now!

Enroll Now

now enrolling

Enroll now for the spring semester. Classes start Jan. 11. Click on "Class Schedule" in the top menu to select your classes and get enrolled today!

2021 Benefit Open Enrollment

Benefit open enrollment

2021 Benefit Open Enrollment will be October 26 - November 6. Open Enrollment will continue to be an active enrollment, meaning all employees will need to log in to MyRSU and either enroll or decline the benefits offered. If benefits are declined, the employee will need to provide proof of coverage to receive health benefit funds in their paycheck.

Use the Employees Tab (login required) above to find the latest information.

Feeling Sick?

Be Safe, Courteous & Take These Steps.

  1. Stay Home: Isolate yourself to promote the health of others.
  2. Let Us Know: Complete the COVID-19 Screening
  3. Seek Medical Attention: Consult with your primary care physician.
  4. Student Reporting Protocol (pdf)
  5. Employee Reporting Protocol (pdf)

Stay up-to-date COVID-19 procedures: rsu.edu/healthyhillcats.